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Hug an Invisible Woman Day (5-1-14) — WIP

A story I wrote awhile back, obviously… So it was Hug an Invisible Woman Day, and I had no invisible woman to hug. Paulette was still in Subreality, apparently waiting for me to somehow bring here back to… what do I even call where I am now in relation to Subreality? Reality? Out Here? I […]

Quick update

Just a quick note: I have a local copy of the blog on my laptop and I am actively working on customizing a different theme as we speak, to remove all traces of Blogger (hard-coded pages) that still linger, five years later. Plus there should be a new story or two in the next few […]

And.. we’re back!

Thanks to my generous webhost, the site is back online. We had to cycle back to before the hacks and crashes, so anything from 2013 is lost. New content soon…


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