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I’ve been going through all kind of WP and PHP documentation trying to figure out how to make this thing work the way it does in my head, but I realize I’m going about it wrong. It was probably better before I started tinkering with it. Now I’m trying to restore it to something closer […]


I was trying to get rid of phantom members who apparently don’t actually exist but show up in the database for some reason or other, and in my haste I may have deleted some actual, good-faith members. If you found your subscription/membership deleted, I’M SORRY! Please rejoin and please accept my apology for not being […]

Hug an Invisible Woman Day (5-1-14) — WIP

So it was Hug an Invisible Woman Day, and I had no invisible woman to hug. Paulette was still in Subreality, apparently waiting for me to somehow bring here back to... what do I even call where I am now in relation to Subreality? Reality? Out Here? I guess Out Here fits, since people in Subreality tend to refer to the outside world as Out There. And how exactly would I go about bringing her here, when I hadn't sent her to Subreality?


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