Scene in passing

I was on my way home from shopping (bought some suits and stuff) and as I approached the intersection of Locust and Putnam Streets, there was a young guy and a young girl, both in their mid-teens, walking up Putnam Street right outside the Febbraio School of Music. Suddenly, the guy grabs the girl and puts her in a soft headlock. The girl is squealing and laughing, all the while yelling, “Let me go!”

The guy is so busy horsing around that he doesn’t notice the curb and hooks his foot against it, losing his
balance. He winds up taking a spill, landing on his side. When he hits the ground, he notices he still has his
arm wrapped around the girl’s head. But he didn’t fall on her.

He looks up to see — her headless body standing right next to the curb, arms folded across her chest, tapping her feet in anger.

“Now see what you did!!” the girl screams at him, her words being punctuated by her decapitated body’s
frantic arm waving.

The boy draws away from the girl’s screaming head, allowing it to roll to the ground as he gets up, totally oblivious to the bloody scrape on his arm, and runs off.

“Hey, come back here!!” she yells, her headless body jumping up and down off the curb, while her head lies on the ground screaming. “You can’t leave me here like this!”

But he does just that, leaving her body to pick up the furious head, tuck it under her arm like a football, and
take off running in the same direction the boy had gone.

You see all kinds of stuff in my town these days…

(comments to the original post):

Shveek: Well, that’s one way to get a head in the world… (Sorry, I couldn’t resist it!)



Dale: I guess she was trying to “head” him off at the pass.



KB7RKY: Gee, I thought CDA was strange…
Wonder what would happen if they went into a bar?

Guy: “Hey, barkeep, could you put a head on my brewski?”
Girl: “Here, let me…” (pop)
Guy: “Um, that ain’t what I had in mind…”


Justjohnny: Bryan, man, what kind of town is this you live in? Crazy stuff indeed. Somebody should have told her, there’s nothing worth losing your head over.

Sorry, I just had to add mine to the list of bad puns. I can already hear you guys groaning.


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