In yet another dream, I was relaxing in an easy chair watching television when someone from the next room (I don’t know who; in my dreams there always seems to be at least one phantom family member I can’t identify) yells out, “Look out, here she comes!” Right after that, I see him flip through the air, though I could see all around him and there was no one visible there to flip him.

I was a little scared of whatever was going on, so I turned off the TV and walked into an unlit room a little farther away from “her” than the room I was in when the guy, whoever he was, was flipped. I had intended to stay until I knew she was gone. I didn’t hear any more commotion, so I returned to the room.

The television was back on when I returned, though I knew for sure I had turned it off. I didn’t see anything else that seemed to be different, so I sat back down in my chair. While I was looking around, I heard a slight squeak from the ottoman to the left of the easy chair. I could see the cushion sink slightly also, but there was NO ONE VISIBLE sitting there.

In disbelief I moved my hand out over the ottoman. I didn’t actually feel anything, but at the same time I did feel some resistance, as if the air over the ottoman was somehow “heavier” than normal. I also did feel a slight air movement, like someone breathing.

I moved my hand back to the arm of my chair, after which the ottoman cushion rose slightly, as if the weight that had pressed it down had risen. Then the weight seemed to settle IN MY LAP!

Again, it didn’t really feel like a person there; it really didn’t have much weight, but there was definitely more than the usual air resistance. I put one hand on each side, about as far apart as if there was an actual woman in my lap, after which whatever-it-was seemed to slide backwards slightly. I put my hands back on the armrest, after which I felt something like soft hands being placed on my hands, and hair brushing against my face.

Again, when I tried to figure out what was going on, I woke up.

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