Reposted story ideas from my neglected Yahoo group

Feel free to use them for your own stories if you so choose:

  • A man notices how beautiful, cooperative, and VERY quiet (as in mute) his friend’s new girlfriend is, and wonders why. Then, one day, he finds out.
  • A man is being stalked by a beautiful woman intent on seriously injuring him, just like she says he did to her. He has no recollection of ever meeting this woman before. That’s because when he first encountered her, she wasn’t human.
  • A government operative of some kind has a chip implanted in his brain that allows him to move objects with his mind. The agent is very unhappy; he feels his job keeps him from living a full life. Some kind of trauma (lightning, stroke, etc.) causes him to lose control of the chip, or so it seems. It still works, though. What happens next…
  • It is said that everyone has a double “out there” somewhere. A beautiful young woman meets hers when the double tries to take over her life.
  • A man who never used a surge protector for his computer or other appliances finds his personal computer getting a little too personal after a power surge.
  • A depressed scientist wants to teach the world a lesson: he builds afemale android body, then on Y2K eve he begins uploading a personality program into it, knowing that the upload will not be complete at midnight when/if the power goes out. What happens after midnight?
  • A man goes on a date with the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. A beautiful and mysterious green-eyed woman.
  • A man begins blacking out regularly after being hit by lightning. He soon learns that he’s conscious during those blackouts, although he doesn’t remember them. He hears stories about himself doing things he wouldn’t normally do, is greeted on the street by people he doesn’t know, and then one day…
  • The flip side of number 8: A day in the life of an “alternate personality.”
  • A sexual-harrassment episode indirectly leads to a woman’s death. Her scientist friend swears revenge.
  • A young man playing a virtual-reality game is amazed at how realistic the game is. Meanwhile, a young woman can’t shake the feeling she’s being watched…

IF anyone decides to use these ideas, please post a link to a website where the stories can be read.

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