Short Circuit

This one involves a do-it-yourselfer named Tom who builds a remote controlled plane as well as the remote. For the sake of convenience, he uses some wires he had lying around for the remote instead of the ones the plans called for. Whenever he tested the plane he only did it for a few seconds, with no problems.

When the plane and remote are finished, he heads for a local park. Five minutes later, though, lightning from a sudden brief electrical storm strikes Tom, frying the remote. He is not hurt, only lightheaded. There is no one else around, and he doesn’t want to chance driving to anywhere just yet, so he begins walking to his car, until he then realizes the plane is still flying. Not doing boring circles, either, but barrel rolls, loops, bomb dives, and all kinds of trick maneuvers. After a few minutes, the plane lands at his feet.

When he reaches for it, though, the engine sputters, and it scoots just beyond his reach. This reach-sputter-scoot sequence repeats a few times. Tom again begins walking to his car as the plane takes off all over the park; when he gets to the car, the plane lands on the car roof.

Some experimentation finds that Tom is able to control the plane mentally. After a while, he lands the plane by his car, but just like before it scoots away whenever he reaches for it. On a hunch he decides to fly it home.

He gets into the car and begins driving off towards home, with the plane in pursuit. When he gets there, he flies the plane into the house.

Tom isn’t discreet about trying out his newfound talent at home, so over the next few days a few of his neighbors find out. He even tries standing out in the yard and flying the plane into and out of the house. One spooked neighbor calls the media and the police, and on hearing his story the cops insist on taking him into the hospital for observation, to be sure the lightning didn’t cause damage.

CAT scans, EEGs, EKGs, X-rays, and all kinds of other tests leave Tom worn out. The doctors tell him that as far as they can see, he is fine. But when he goes home, he finds he is unable to budge the plane. All the radiation from the tests seems to have undone whatever the lightning did to him, leaving him unable to control the plane.

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