Witness Protection Program

These are story ideas, of course, not suggestions for revamping the real thing…

  • 1 – This one involves a woman who’s dating a businessman who has been “encouraged” to launder money for the mob. After an argument with his contact, he is killed at home while his girlfriend is in the house. The Feds take her into protective custody expecting that she will testify in court against the killers. During that time, her lawyer, who has a large investment in a biotech company, authorizes the manufacture of an fembot double of his client, unknown to the client or the FBI. When it becomes necessary for her to be given a new identity in connection with the Witness Protection Program, the lawyer arranges for the Feds to take the fembot into custody (they don’t know it, of course). In time, the mob learns their “snitch’s” location. When they finally corner the fembot, she informs them of her true nature, and then…Let’s just say the good guys win in the end. Any one interested in fleshing this one out?
  • 2 – In this one, the woman gets drunk and tells a scientist friend that she has to be taken into protective custody after testifying. He gives her a modified virtual reality suit that turns her completely invisible. What happens next…

Comment reposted from my old blog:

Cor said…

Great minds, again (or so I choose to think) – a few months ago I barely started writing an episode with the witness protection program as the false justification for “relocation”.

I have to re-read story idea number 1 because there’s compliexity there that doesn’t seem essential, at first blush. Story idea number 2 could be a superheroine’s origin or it could launch many other nifty plotlines.


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