Conversation about a story idea

(the idea never developed into a story — Doug G has, unfortunately, become largely unavailable, so I don’t know what progress if any he has made with the idea. My Y2K idea, originally spawned in 98 or 99,
is by now too out-of-date for me to get into writing the story I had conceived, but I figured I’d show the process of sharpening the concept)

(From Doug G) Imagine for a moment, if you will:A young man meets an incredibly beautiful lady. They have the usual whirlwind romance, begin dating, get married, have a wonderful life, etc.Here’s the twist…10-15 years down the road of life, he finds out he’s been married to an android, and she’s not aware of her true nature. How does he convince her of this, once he gets over the shock himself?

(From Paul I) I can’t stop thinking of an entry in one of those “Nitpickers Guides for Trekkers” books. It’s that episode where Data meets his “mother” but she doesn’t know she’s an android, and she’s been programmed to shut down if anyone tries to tell her.Data wants to tell her, and the “Nitpicker” has a lot of fun with this: “Mom, I want to tell you something. You are an andr… Wake up Mom! That is better. Now, you are an andr… Mom! Wake up…” etc.

(From me, in reply to Doug) I like this, Doug! This scenario has brought to life a story idea of mine that basically died right after I wrote it. After I finish the Rashida story, and the Mystery Woman story, and the Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All story, and the Christina Carriere story (mind-swap gone wrong), I’ll get to work on it. The story I write that incorporates your scenario is “perishable,” though, so I’ll have to get to work on my backlog. Actually, I think I’ll put the android wife story after Rashida and the Mystery Woman but before the others. I don’t want to rush, but I do want to put something out there.

[As you can see, it didn’t quite work out that way.]

(Doug) Feel free to bounce an idea or two off me, as I have a feel for how I think it should go. Perhaps there’s children involved (orphaned children that the couple adopted)…how would they react to finding out Mom’s a robot? Does anyone else know? Are there other android women out there?Perhaps as a strong convincing tool, our male character (let’s call him Hal) pops off the “little wife’s” (let’s call her Molly) hand and puts it on the table. As it’s wiggling around (perhaps under Molly’s control), Hal says, “How can you dispute this? You’re not a living being… you’re a collection of circuits and batteries!” Maybe Hal follows Molly around one day (seeing as how she sometimes takes off with little or no notice, and is gone for hours), suspecting she’s having an affair, and stumbles across the android lab where she was built. Perhaps Hal’s a police officer/detective/private investigator and curiosity gets the better of him. Of course, breaking into a high-tech lab such as our supposed android lab could pose a bit of a problem for Hal to breach it’s security…Any other ideas/comments/suggestions?

(me) Interesting, Doug. My idea was a continuation of the Y2K story idea. I didn’t know what to do after the power went out. I had in mind an android with an incomplete back story (“amnesia”; not true amnesia, since there nothing has happened for her to have forgotten) and so she doesn’t know she’s an android. She meets a guy, falls in love, gets married, and then 10 or 15 years down the road…

(me again) Doug, here’s the scenario I had in mind:Scientist and assistant (who is not the least bit science oriented) are hard at work on Y2K eve. Scientist is working on a project that’s a secret even to the assistant. When scientist is distracted, assistant skips out. He doesn’t want to be stuck working on the biggest party night of his life.Scientist begins AI program download into a waiting android. Midnight comes before download is complete. The next day the assistant finds out that the scientist was working on an android, downloading a AI personality program that was aborted by a power failure. The lab was empty when the power came back on the next day, and when the scientist returned to the lab, the android was gone.Meanwhile, somewhere across town, “Hal” is out for a walk and encounters a gorgeous woman with a bad case of amnesia. He figures she has nothing more than a bad hangover. In time they fall in love, get married, etc. Some years down the line, Hal is in a bar on a “boys night out” and overhears a very drunk guy lamenting that he didn’t stick around for what could have been a “groundbreaking” discovery. The guy describes what sounds like his wife (“Molly”) but the guy is talking about a fembot…

(Doug) Good backstory… perhaps we could flesh that out a bit more.I’ll put something together in the next few days and send it to you…let me know what you think.

(me) Doug: I just thought of another possible scenario for this story. How about if a young woman’s brain patterns are scanned and stored but the scanning procedure knocks her out. Meanwhile, unknown to her, the scan is loaded into an android, which goes online and is released before the young woman awakens. She is not aware that her brain has been copied into an android, and the android doesn not know that she is an android. This was the basic scenario to the first “Another You” story idea I posted at my Writings club.How about it, all? Anybody wanna give it a whack?

(Doug) That sounds reasonable…but, unfortunately, we’re awfully short-handed at work, and I’m having to work 6 days a week until we get back up to full capacity, so I won’t be turning out any stories for a while.I’ll make a copy of this, and piece something together when I have more spare time.

…and that, as they say, was that. The story was never written. I suppose that even though the Y2K angle is dated the story idea itself is still valid. One of these years I’ll get around to actually writing it.

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