Mitch Stevens Takes Over the World!

I just read a story at Mind’s Eye Fiction where a guy named Mitch Stevens, a subject in some kind of drug testing group at a university, finds that the experiment has transferred his mind to everyone else on the planet. No one has any recollection of who they were before the incident; instead they all have Mitch’s memories right up to the event. Over the course of a year everyone gradually regains their memory, but they retain Mitch’s pre-incident memories.

That gives me an idea for the same kind of story but on a smaller scale; a mind transfer device that malfunctions and instead overwrites one person’s mind with the other. The two people could be husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend. Or even better, the subjects are a man and a woman, and both are romantically involved with other people (married or not).

I’d held onto this post ever since April, hoping I could find the story somewhere online so that I could post a link to it, but no such luck. The original hosting site, Mind’s Eye Fiction ( is defunct, and the story apparently wasn’t posted elsewhere else, not even in Usenet. I’m hoping someone reading this knows where I can find a copy of this story…

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