Invisible Family Deodorant Commercial

Here’s another story suggestion from…

I somehow recall that there was a commercial back in the early 1990s that applies to the invisible woman theme. In the commercial, an invisible man is in his bathroom, looking in the mirror and talking about some product (I don’t remember clearly but it may have been shaving cream). Near the end of the commercial, the camera switches to the bathtub to reveal an invisible woman (his wife), wrapping a towel around herself and agreeing with what her husband just said. If this rings any bells for anyone, let’s hear about it. I’m curious to know what the commercial was about, not to mention see the images from the commercial itself.

I remember that commercial; as I recall, it had to do with a deodorant I think (what that had to do with invisiblity, I don’t know) and the husband was standing there in a bathrobe and glasses talking about the product, and then, at the very end the wife emerges from behind a shower curtain, but all you could see was her shower cap. And the husband says something like, “Darling, not in front of everyone!” and hastily wraps a towel around her and only then are you able to see her female form. What’s interesting is that, on subsequent showings of the commercial, the wife segment was mysteriously omitted (due to complaints from someone or not is unknown.)


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