Rachael and Jeremy

Copyright (c) by Realistek. Used by permission.

Jeremy and Rachael were spending the evening together in their apartment as they usually do on Thursday night. Jeremy, still wearing the basic shirt and tie outfit from work, was watching the Sci-Fi channel and occasionally stealing glances at his lovely wife of 1 year. Rachael sat with a calculus book on her lap, wearing navy spandex shorts, a white crop top bearing her University logo, and white bobby-sox (her typical lounging outfit). Rachel truly was an extra-ordinary girl, but not just because of her outward beauty. This girl had a secret that only Jeremy shared.

Jeremy finally stopped stealing glances and turned his head towards Rachael…”Hey hon, you feel up to having a little fun tonight?”.
Rachael looked up from her book and said, “I don’t know Jer, you know I have to study.”
“Aw come on, you haven’t felt like it for weeks,” Jer whined.
Rachel began to put her thick book aside and said, “Well, it would be nice to get my mind off this mid-term for a while. Besides, I have a bit of a surprise for you. I’ve been working really hard on controlling it better…watch carefully.”

She slowly got up and walked to the middle of the room. Jeremy hit the off button on his remote and felt his heart pound faster. Rachael placed her hands on the middle of her stomach (the section exposed by her snug crop shirt). She then moved her hands slowly outward toward her sides. But as she did, her midsection disappeared as if she somehow wiped it away. To Jeremy’s amazement, he now could see right through her from where the shirt ended and the shorts began.
“That’s amazing!” Jer said as he sat up a bit in his chair.
“Just keep watching,” Rachael said along with that gorgeous smile of hers.

She then began to slide her spandex shorts ever-so-gently toward the floor. But as she did, the part of her legs underneath the shorts simply was not there, and continued to disappear as the shorts went down. Jeremy stared at where her legs were just moments ago. All that was left of Rachel’s lower half was her bobby-sox and a pair of light grey satin undies (both still filled out with her wonderful form). Jer took notice of her undies particularly, they just seemed to hang there in space. He was now completely speechless, and couldn’t take his eyes away. He was captivated by the fact that only her upper half (from the bottom of her shirt and up) was visible. What a bizarre, but somehow sensual sight it was.

Before he could catch his breath, Rachael crossed her arms, grabbed hold of the bottom of her crop-shirt, and began to pull it up and off. In the same way her legs disappeared, her upper body vanished as she slid the top off, until lastly she pulled it up and over her head to reveal…NOTHING.

Jer shifted in his chair, but still didn’t take his ever-widening eyes away from his beautiful, but now invisible wife. All that remained of her now was her bra, panties and bobby-sox which even still continued to hold her lovely shape…IN MID AIR.

“What do you think?” he heard Rachael’s voice say as the floating bra and panties did a slight ‘wiggle’. Jer was so awestruck that he only managed to get out a sigh. Then he heard her voice again “That’s what I thought you would say,” followed by an ever-so-playful laugh.

Just then, unseen hands began to slide the undies down until they were on the floor, followed by the bra. The empty (but filled) bobby-sox standing in Jeremy’s living room, walked over to his chair and stopped. He then felt a warm pair of unseen lips on his, and for the first time in what seemed an hour his eyes closed.

When they opened again, he saw the sox walking toward the bedroom. He heard Rachael’s sexy voice from somewhere over them say “Honey, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

While he waited for Rachel to return from the bedroom, Jeremy’s mind drifted a bit. Part of him was jealous of Rachael’s ability to become invisible at will. Especially since only moments ago he witnessed her amazing control of it. Was there no limit to this power of hers? But somehow, even though he was slightly jealous, it just seemed right. Rachael never held it over his head, or used her invisibility against him. In fact, she was relieved that he was actually very excited by this sort of thing. She feared how he would react to her secret at first, but Jer’s reaction was like a spark that ignited their already fantastic relationship. This was quite literally a fantasy come true for Jeremy. He couldn’t help but think what a lucky fella he was.

“Are your eyes still closed?” he heard Rachael say from down the hall.

“Yes..” Jer’s voice cracked, his heart still pounding. He heard footsteps coming toward him.

“Ok, you can open them now.” Rachael said much closer to him now. Jer opened his eyes (slowly at first, then wide as they would go) and like a reflex, his lower jaw dropped. The sight he beheld was almost too much to handle.

Rachael (still invisible) was wearing a silver-sparkle body stocking, and clear platform heels. The body stocking was actually two pieces, a top with long sleeves, and the lower leggings. She liked to have the midsection open, because it accentuated her invisibility and her unbelievable figure. She always knew just what to wear, a mixture of eye-popping sexy, while enhancing the “effect” of her invisible body.

Rachael now began to walk (or should I say move) around the room in an ever-so-sensual way, the nylon material sparkling in the light. Jer, once again was speechless and unabashedly staring. The stretchy nylon material hugged every curve of where her body should be, but the outfit was completely transparent. He could see through everything, through to the back of the body stocking, and then right on through to what was behind her. Rachel walked right up to where Jer was sitting and allowed him a closer look. He reached out and caressed the back of her thigh, and could see his hand through the nylon-like material. She bent over at the waist so he could see straight down the neck of the empty stocking-shirt (she knew he loved that). The sleeves of her transparent shirt raised up, and invisible hands took hold of his tie. Rachael pulled playfully on his tie and let it drop from her unseen fingers as she glided gracefully back to the center of the room.

“Do I still have your undivided attention?” she said in that tone of hers.

“Oh, yeah!” Jer managed to whisper. The empty arms of the stocking-shirt crossed and began to slowly peel itself upwards. It hung crumpled in mid-air for a second and then floated over to Jer’s lap. All that was visible now was her lower half, the sparkling-transparent outline of her perfectly shaped legs hovering over clear heels. Next, the straps on her heels undid themselves as the shoes raised momentarily, and then fell to the side. Lastly the leggings began to peel them selves downward to a pile on the floor.

Silence. He could no longer see any part of his gorgeous wife. It was as if he was in the room alone, he could even hear his heart pounding from excitement. He had no idea what to expect next. For a moment he thought he saw slight impressions in the carpet toward his direction. Suddenly his tie raised up in mid air, and he felt it gently tug him to his feet. He again felt Rachael’s soft lips on his and kissed them back like never before, but he didn’t SEE her at all.

“Are you ready for my big finish?” invisible Rachael said from somewhere in front of him. Just then, he felt her hands on his shoulders guiding him back to a sitting position. Again he thought he saw impressions in the carpet, but now in the direction of
where her book was sitting. Suddenly, a full water bottle that was sitting beside the couch raised up in mid-air. The cap un-screwed itself and fell to the floor. The bottle raised up several feet and then slowly tipped itself over pouring out the water inside.

What Jeremy saw was simply awesome. As the water poured out, it splashed over an unseen female body. He could now see a clear bubble-like outline of what he recognized as Rachael’s perfect form, head to toe. The water dripped downward, clinging to the shape her invisible body. It was the most sensuous, artistically picturesque thing Jeremy had ever seen in his entire life. The only thing visible at all was the clear liquid streaming down in the shape of Rachael’s unseen body.

The sight of it was more lovely than Jeremy could bear. She had brought him to the breaking point. He left his chair and walked over to the bubble-like form of his wife and embraced her with all the love in his fast-beating heart.

“You outdid yourself this time Rachael,” he could finally speak clearly again.

“You deserved it!” she said back.

“What could I have possibly done to deserve such an amazing woman like you? I am the luckiest guy in the world.” Jeremy truthfully said.

He could almost imagine her blushing, as she said “Come on, lets go…” The clear, water-outlined shape of his wife began to lead him down the hall towards their bedroom.

Copyright (c) by Realistek. Used by permission.


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