This story suggestion was posted to the now defunct years ago; I posted it here just to offer the idea to anyone who might want to use it or be inspired by it.

Saskia is seen entering the lab at night. She is wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans, a helmet slung under her arm. Glancing about to make sure no one is watching. She takes out a small case from a refridgerator. She opens the case and takes out a needle and a small vial of translucent golden fluid. She is stealing back her discovery the only way she knows how. She schwabs her arm, fills the needle with the serum and injects herself.

Suddenly the lights go up. Security has seen her through its monitoring cameras. She quickly disposes of the vial and needle and flees.

Saskia is now on her motorcycle
racing down the highway. Behind her the lights of the pursuit car flash on and off.

She feels the formula start to take effect.

Keeping one hand on the throttle, she unstraps her helmet and throws it aside. She undoes her hair. As her hair streams loose, Saskia begins to slowly fade away…

The formula having taken effect she begins to pick up speed. She begins to undress. First her jacket, then her shirt and her brassiere or jockey top come flying off in the wind.

The bike comes to stop. Saskia climbs off. All that is visible of her now is her tight jeans and her boots. But she has no time to lose. Security is coming. Her belt comes unbuckled, her jeans unzip and her jeans and her undies crumple to the ground. One by one her boots come off and her jeans are kicked aside.

Her transit is complete. Saskia is invisible.

The carlights flash. A woman in a dark suit carrying a gun appears, leaning over Saskia’s bike. Frowning, she picks up Saskia’s blue jeans and looks them over. Then she throws them down into the dirt and kicks the bike but fails to knock it over. She walks away. The lights flash as her car pulls away.

The motocycle roars back to life and hits the highway again. Invisible Saskia is riding it and she is getting away.

It’s light. Saskia’s bike is abandoned on a city street. The security woman, still in her dark suit but now wearing shades and leather gloves is standing by the bike with a technician. He is holding a small vial and needle.

“Remember,” he says,”This is double stength. It will take effect immediately and the effect is long term. It may never wear off.”

“They’re paying me well enough for this.” the woman replies,”And if I bring her back I’ll get double.”

The technician injects her. The security woman promptly fades away, her sunglasses floating over an empty collar.

With a gloved hand she motions for the technician to turn away. Then she briskly strips down to nothing. The last things to come off are her gloves.

“Wish me luck.”

The technician stares down at where he thinks she is.

A woman sits behind a department store counter surrounded by displays of sunglasses and perfume.Suddenly a display falls over and the whole scene seems to shake with a general ruckus.

“HA! I saw your footprints in the carpet!” the now invisible security woman shouts, “You’re mine!”

Everything on the counter is knocked to the floor as one of the invisible women is hurled over it.

The salesgirl flees screaming.

A perfume spray flies up from the counter and lets loose its contents. Saskia’s face and shoulders are outlined in translucent perfume.

The perfume spray as knocked aside and Saskia is dragged to the floor. Her face quickly washes off in the heat and sweat. The whole display counter is wrecked. Suddenly an especially heavy rack falls.

Everything falls silent.

The next shot is at a discount clothing rack. A pair of panties rises up from the discount bin and slids up over invisible hips. This is followed by a shirt, jeans and a jacket. The invisible woman pauses ready to strip if anyone sees her.

But soon she relaxes. Slowly, a face and tousled hair fade into view. Saskia smiles, her adventure over.


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2 Responses to Saskia

  1. Barton Brevard says:

    Really creative blog here! Did you think of all of this content yourself or did you have some help? be honest.. lol

    • Misterdoe says:

      Well, much of
      it was inspired by other writers’ stories. Sometimes I see an idea in a story and I just start writing; sometimes it’s a continuation of an idea I see in the story. But most of the ideas are my own.

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