The Invisible Nanny

(comments came from the late Dennard Summers, webmaster of the House of Yes website and producer of the television program of the same name, broadcast, until May 2005, in Pittsburgh on public-access cable)

Another fictional character I always wanted to see go invisible was Fran Fine on “The Nanny” (before the character got married & the show got boring, that is.) As a matter of fact, I even concocted a little “dream” scenario, in which she actually does get invisible (TFI, of course), the result being the sight of her unmistakably flashy clothes walking around by themselves, accompanied by her distinctive voice. Once invisible, she could do things like play tricks on her arch-rival “C.C.” Then, at the end of the story/episode/”dream,” after Fran would get visible again, “C.C.” would get INvisible, and just as she’d start to do something characteristically mean to get even with Fran, somebody would say, “Fran, Fran, wake up! You were having a nightmare!” and she’d wake up. And then it’d be one of those typical “Oh, it was only a dream!”-type of deals. Until “C.C.’s” empty clothes walk into the room! Cut to commercial…

(I sure wish there was at least one good television writer who was also a diehard FIan!)


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