Lenny Douglas

Lenny Douglas gets tired of reading magazine story after magazine story about this “famous” woman named Lisette Frederick who doesn’t seem to have done anything in particular to become famous. He decides that *he* wants to be famous, and goes off in search of fame without a clue of how to get it. He’s not any good as an actor, or so he says. He can’t sing, he’s only fair-looking, he doesn’t really stand out at anything.

His cynical friends tell him things like “kill/shoot/kidnap/etc. somebody.” He gets into one thing after another, and even does a few years of jail time for basically being in the wrong place at the wrong time rather than anything he’s really done…

…and then tries to go straight and abandon the wanna-be-famous idea. He meets an attractive woman named Lisa Friedman at his old neighborhood bar, and things progress, and then one night a eager young reporter comes into the bar and begins asking the woman questions. He calls her “Ms. Frederick”… yes, she’s really Lisette Frederick, a few years down the road. The reporter is working on one of those “Where are they now?” stories. He takes plenty of photos, and Lisa insists that Lenny be in them too.

Story and photos are picked up in newspapers, magazines, etc. Lisa (now Lisette again) gets more and more press, always with Lenny by her side. Someone interviews him, the story runs, a movie producer hears “ka-ching,” and… Lenny becomes famous!

Any opinions? I might add a scifi touch here and there, but it basically won’t have any imaginary invisible girlfriends, or floating food, or outfits of clothing removing themselves from an unseen wearer. At least I don’t *think* there will be…


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