VR Trap

I get a call from a cousin that an inventor uncle has died, wanting to know if I want one of his VR units. He did some work for a military contractor whose CFO embezzled the company and ran off, so they had to pay my uncle with machines. I took the machine offered to me without thought of consequence.

On my day off, I hook up the machine and spend the better part of a day in the company of invisible people, complete with an especially affectionate invisible girlfriend. The next day, I get lazy and use the machine’s Internet capabilities to download some VR scripts from “vr.com,” not knowing that the machine has some “undocumented features” when used while its Net connection is open. I start the simulation, only to find that instead of “sucking me into the machine,” the simulation seems to be running outside the machine, as if my house is the simulation.

Here, though, I don’t seem to have as much control over situations. Everyone in this sim, like the other, is invisible, even on television!, but this time anyone I interact with is dressed (PLENTY of *fine* invisible women). But this simulaton seems overlong, which, I find out, is because I’m *trapped* in it.

When the simulation started, the live Net connection caused the machine to basically upload my mind to the “vr.com” servers, which is where the simulation is actually unfolding. As it turned out, one of the technicians who developed the machine was planted by a “lobbying group” (actually a terrorist organization) called Industrial Strength, which blames the US government and the technology industry for the loss of manufacturing to overseas companies. The machine connected to their servers as soon as it went online, making it easy for them to trace the machine’s Net connection to “vr.com” and to me.

The military is also very unhappy about the “misappropriation” of what they consider their property, and they send agents to vr.com and to my house to confiscate the offending hardware. But when they get to my house, the unit is gone, and the agents sent to “vr.com” offices findout the computer running the simulation I’m trapped in is at some unknown location.

At this point, a company technician contacts me in the simulation via television (Emergency Broadcast System, saying “this is NOT a test”) while I’m watching with my invisible simwife, who doesn’t know she’s a simulation, though she knows I can’t see her. The TV announcer notifies me that, for the time being, I’m stuck in vr.com’s servers, because the Federal agents sent to retrieve the VR unit *said* that when they reached my house, my body wasn’t there. Vr.com can’t even say for sure whether my mind was moved or copied onto their servers, meaning I (the real me) could be in a coma or worse. Or “he” could be going about “his” normal routine, unaware that a copy of “his” mind is trapped in a Net server. My invisible simwife, of course, wants to know what in the world kind of wacky Emergency Broadcast System message was that, so I tell her everything…

In the meantime, I’m advised to keep myself busy somehow, leading me to use the nested VR unit (do you think I’d run a simulation and not have a VR unit there) to unfold some of my yet-unused story scenarios (so in a sense I’m
using this story to catch up on my story idea backlog).


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