Conversation: Any real invisible women in the groups?

Someone asked an interesting question in one of the Yahoo invisible-girl groups, about whether any of the group members “knew any invisible women in real life.” A question with an obvious answer, but here’s a transcript of the question and the replies:

Jeffrey: Ok, this is a complete random thing. How many of you guys out there who are into this fetish, actually know any real invisible women/girls? Just asking because I feel like it, and I do not know any.

Rodney, to Jeffrey: Of course NOBODY; that’s why these clubs exist, that’s why these group are here. Because so far invisible women only exist in our minds. That’s why. So we can trade stories, ideas, dreams, fantasies. That’s all.

Miss Pippa Moran, to Rodney: Now, Rodney, how can you be so sure there aren’t any real invisible women? It’s not as though you can see them even when they are there.

Rodney, to Miss Pippa: Cute.. Pippa.. cute.. (as in that hadn’t occurred to me…)

Miss Pippa Moran, to Rodney: Well, don’t you forget; I could be standing beside you right now, and you need never know.

Rodney, to Miss Pippa: Alright–Alright!! I hear you!! (looks around nervously) Geez I’m writing a decent story… and I… gosh dam…

Paulette Agee, to Rodney: What do you mean, invisible girls only exist “in your minds”?! I don’t exist “only” in anybody’s mind, thank you! I’ve been around here (well, not in this club exactly) for eight years, ever since a wormhole opened and deposited me in this universe instead of the one I started out in.

Apparently I’m invisible because this is not where I’m “supposed” to be. Don’t know for sure how or why it happened, don’t know how to reverse it, I don’t really want to reverse it and go back, and I don’t think Bryan wants me to go back anyway. But, to reuse a phrase I put into an email sometime ago, “I’m here, I’m clear, and I’m not going anywhere!”

Fantasy… HA!

BTW that’s me on the front-page photo in Misterdoe’s Gallery.

Rodney, to Paulette: ¡¡Bien Bien… Lo siento!! ¡¡Por favor… Perdóneme!! (“OK, OK, I’m sorry! Please forgive me!!”)

Miss Pippa Moran, to Paulette: Wormholes and parallel universes? Oh my, how very science-fictional! I’d heard you were thinking of changing your orgin story some years ago, but is this the first time you’ve publicly admitted that you’re not merely a psychic projection from Mr. Doe’s imagination mysteriously come to life?

ME, to Miss Pippa Moran: Um, speaking for Paulette (not sure where she is right now), I think she posted that part of it somewhere before but not in the FI clubs… Oh, I know where it was: In the Subreality Cafe YGroup, I filled out a “muse form” describing Paulette, and this was the explanation she insisted I should put in instead of the earlier version. The wormhole concept I had in mind is better explained in the movie The One, starring Jet Li as a rogue “space cop” who figured out how to manipulate regularly-occurring wormholes “between universes” and set off traveling to each one and, well, killing his analog, distributing that person’s life energy to all the surviving versions in the other universes. His intent was to erase them all and become The One, the only person in any of the known universes to have no analog in any of the others. (Trouble is, that would either make him a god or cause a total multiverse holocaust, a second Big Bang that would wipe everything out.) He also played the good guy, the last obstacle between the rogue cop and his goal, the last surviving version of Yulaw, also a space cop. But that movie came out AFTER my, um, after Paulette agreed that it sounded kind of plausible. As for real FIs, you guys didn’t read the FAQ pages on Paul Cwick’s site? “Copyright © 2000 Paul Ingerson,” according to the page. Anyway, here’s a link to the pertinent Q&A: FI-FAQ

And Jeff, no harm done. I think Paulette was just a bit miffed that Rodney hadn’t, um, considered all the angles. You’d be surprised at what some people thought “invisible girls” was about. (Pope Snarkfella, f/k/a Snarky C, are you reading this?)

Paul Cwick, to Paulette: ROFLMAO!!! I love it!!!!


Fantasy… HA!That’s right, you tell him! You go, girl!


And, of course, while we’re on the subject, let’s not forget the notorious — er, em, I mean completely lovable & endearing (**whew** that was a close one) Ali Sisters, the only Invisible Sister Act (that we know of, anyway) active in these groups for many years now…

Pat, to Paul Cwick: What ever happened to them? They were around for a while, then they vanished off the face of the earth (pun intended).

George Dunn, to Jeffrey: I sometimes think every woman is born with the ability to become invisible if simply by their emotional and physical complexities which seem to be far more superior to us males. Imagine every woman waking up one morning with an uncontrollable nudge to telepathically join together worldwide and collectively focus on creating a new and unique natural force greater than anything us men could ever devise? One of many end results would no doubt be the ability to become invisible at will. Good and bad for us guys because if we piss them off just think what they would do to us. Women, after all, do remember everything we do so, revenge is theirs to exploit. And polls have been conducted and the conclusion is that females have always desired the ability to become invisible. Right away they’re thinking about it a lot of the time. God help us all if they ever figure out how to do it.

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