Ideas:Becoming, Unbecoming, and Stuck

A trio of ideas, all of which popped into my head while looking at a photo spread of voluptuous model Esther Baxter in some magazine or other:

Becoming: I wake up one day to find that I’ve turned into an exact copy of Esther Baxter, and invisible hands are (physically!) guiding my actions.

Unbecoming: While staring intently at pics of Esther Baxter in some magazine, I get the sensation of being sucked into the mag. But, since it’s something that’s already happened, and thus I’m “not supposed to be there” (because I wasn’t there), I’m turned invisible and intangible. But still able to direct objects and make my presence felt…


  • I find that I’m seeing the world from EB’s perspective, as if I had been turned into her, but she’s still firmly in control. As if I’ve become imprisoned in her mind or something.
  • After a period of time where I’ve been impersonating EB in a lookalike bodysuit, it comes to life and assumes her persona, suggesting that either the suit *was* EB all along, or else EB has temporarily *become* the suit and is aware of the impersonation.


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