Sideshow PFI

Idea suggested long ago by Paul Ingerson…

A woman who is permanently invisible (but only partially) leads a fairly normal life keeping her invisible parts covered. But how would she tell any potential boyfriend? She’ll need to know if he’ll be attracted or revolted. Can she trust him to keep it secret?

This might tie in with the “Freak Show” idea I posted last year? The PFI tells her boyfriend. He’s turned off, but he doesn’t betray her. However someone else – a rival girlfriend for the boy? – is spying on them, and she tells the traveling freak show.

The PFI’s captured and taken with the show to another town. She escapes, returns home and confronts the boyfriend, who she believes betrayed her. She finally believes his innocence when he hides her from the freak show goons looking for her. (He’s been missing her all this time, and believed she’d run away because of him.)

Together, the two of them work out who betrayed her and get their revenge.


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