I came up with this one some time ago, after watching the movie Earthquake in New York on television.

I was just watching gorgeous Lisa Nicole Carson in that Earthquake in New York movie, and I got another story idea.

This story is set in a 1999 United States in which the Cold War has not yet ended (maybe Russia has become the new Soviet Union; it’s still just an idea). Anyway, the KGB is hard at work replacing American entertainment figures with lookalikes (clones or androids, haven’t decided which) that have been engineered with the ability to turn invisible.

The Lisa Nicole Carson lookalike escapes her handlers in Moscow, turns invisible and escapes to New York, where she tries to blend in as much as possible (well, as much as such a gorgeous woman can — as you might have guessed from this and the Dream story, I have a serious LNC fixation).

Once the KGB discovers the escape, they spread the rumor that Lisa Nicole Carson is a KGB spy, hoping to flush their Lisa out of hiding.

Meanwhile, in New York, she runs into a seriously starstruck young man who fawns over her, providing many opportunities for her to flash that dazzling smile. The young man works in the intelligence community, but he cannot accept that his dreamgirl is a KGB spy.

At some point she reveals who she really is and the young man helps her foil the Russian plot to infiltrate the US entertainment industry.

I’m still mulling this one over, but I had to put it out here for you all to see.


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