New(ish) Invisible Woman Dream

First posted to DeviantArt on 4/8/07

In real life I have this coworker who throws tantrums every so often over little or nothing. In the dream she’d been up to her usual antics, throwing a fit over something involving some other coworker, and I’d had enough of her antics. So, I went outside for a walk. Not to get lunch, just to get away for a few minutes. But when I got back, the whole area had been rearranged, and the amount of distance between her desk and mine was not physically possible within the office space, but there it was. The crazy coworker, though, was gone. Whether for good or for the day, I didn’t know. Anyway, the next thing I knew it was the next morning, and i’m left scratching my head trying to figure out “how did I get here?” I didn’t remember coming in, or even going home after finding the office rearranged. First sign that maybe it was a dream.

So, anyway, since I was at the office, and quite early, I figured I’d go out and get some breakfast but first put my things away at my desk. I tried to go to the desk by what had been my usual way, but because of the changed my desk wasn’t accessible that way anymore. While I was wandering around, the manager over the people who worked in that area saw me and said, “This is not good,” as if I was a spy and not just early for once.

Still in a daze, I figured I’d just “start over,” making my way to the front lobby and going on from there. When I got to the lobby, I saw something from the corner of my eye that didn’t look quite right — tightly-filled jeans and a sleeveless top that didn’t appear to have anyone wearing them. I turned towards the sight, and not only did I see that top and jeans again, but beside them another pair of jeans with an orange t-shirt floating over it, also with no visible wearer. There were no chairs in the waiting area, but instead of standing both outfits were crouching, as if trying to take up as little space as possible. And fidgeting as if nervous over something. There was an employee ID card on a chain hanging around the unseen neck of the sleeveless top wearer, but those tops are no-no’s where I work, maybe explaining the nervousness.

I just shook my head, thinking, “I really need to get myself some breakfast — I’m so hungry I’m seeing things,” and turned back towards where I was going in the first place. Only to be met with a similar sight in front of me — a long-sleeved white t-shirt and jeans, filled out to the fimiliar figure of a real coworker (but not the crazy one), which immediately tried to hide, as if I was seeing something I wasn’t supposed to or something. In our office the cubicles are set up so there’s plenty of space underneath — once a coworker brought her daughter in and when the girl got sleepy, she curled up underneath the desktop and went to sleep — and so the shirt and jeans had crawled underneath the desktop next to where I had just seen them.

I went over, looked under the cubicle, and said to the cowering clothes, “Um, when you finish what you had come here to do, could you do me a favor and come over to my desk? Don’t worry, I’m not gonna– just come over when you can.” I stopped whatever I had started to say because I realized that I *was* gonna–.

As I stood up to walk away, the clothes had started coming out of their hiding place as well, but before I could even resolve whether they were living clothes or an invisible woman wearing them, how/why she was invisible, or anything, I WOKE UP!


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