The New Secretary

What happens when the narrator visits his inventor friend’s office and finds out his friend’s new secretary is an animated zentai suit?

Man goes into his friend office at her office. When he gets there he finds her seated at secretary’s desk outside her office, wearing zentai suit under her clothes. While they make small talk, he asks her what’s with the suit. She strips off clothes over suit, making clear that she’s wearing nothing under the suit. She seemlingly calls herself on the intercom, alerting “herself” that her friend is here. He then learns about his friend’s “autonomous telekinetic construct,” and its/her ability to animate clothing — the zentai suit does not actually have anyone inside it…

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“Why are you sitting there dressed like that?” he asked, staring at the blue hood that covered her face.

“What do you mean?” she said, looking down at herself. “What’s wrong with these clothes?”

“Well, most of them are fine,” he started, “and you look fine in them. But what’s with that… that suit you’re wearing under everything else? And why is it covering your face?”

“What suit?”

“That blue thing you’re wearing, covering your head and arms, and everything else as far as I can tell,” he replied.

“Oh, you mean this?” came the reply. “I just wanted to look a little different today, that’s all. Here, I’ll let you get a better look at it.” And before he knew it, she had stripped off everything she was wearing over the suit, and it was just as it had seemed, a full-body suit. Not even eyeholes…

“Oooo-kay,” he intoned, “but why would you wear something like that to work, of all places?”

“Hmm… I think maybe Melissa could answer that better than I could.”

“Melissa?!” he said incredulously. “I thought you were Melissa.”

“Hold that thought,” said the woman with Melissa’s voice and figure, pressing a button on the intercom. When a voice identical to the woman’s replied, the woman said, “Dave’s here, Melissa, and he’s asking questions.”

“OK, I’ll be right out,” came the reply. Dave stood, staring at this now-strange woman seated outside Melissa’s office, looking like he expected someone to emerge from the walls or appear out of thin air.

Presently, the inner office door opened, and Melissa emerged. “Hi, Dave,” she said with a big smile. “I see you’ve met my secretary,” she said, indicating the strangely-dressed woman.

“Yeah,” Dave said, in a quizzical tone, “and until she spoke into the intercom I thought she was you. What’s going on here?”

“I think a demonstration would be in order before I start offering explanations. Otherwise nothing I say would make any sense.” With that Melissa walked behind the suited woman and reached for the suit’s rear zipper. Noticing Joe’s uneasiness and disbelief, she said. “Joe, you need to come over here so you can see this for yourself. I’m not explaining anything until you see this for yourself.”

Reluctantly Joe stepped over to Melissa’s side, after which she began pulling on the zipper tab at the back of the woman’s suit. She pulled it not quite a foot from its starting point, then stopped, turned to Joe, and said with a smile, “Notice anything?”

“What do you mean?” he shot back, looking at Melissa. “That’s not nearly enough to–” He stopped there, mouth hanging open, as he finally saw what Melissa was getting at. A zipper pulled down only nine inches is not nearly enough to be able to identify who’s wearing the garment, but it would be enough to verify that there’s someone in the garment, should someone feel the need to verify such. But through this nine-inch gap Joe saw…

Nothing. There was no skin to be seen. He should have been looking at a very small part of a woman’s upper back, but instead what he saw
was the deep blue shadow of what was beginning to look like a hollow royal blue suit.

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