Idea: Snatched During a Test Drive

This one is more in the invisible tickle-monster pocket: I go to a car dealership and find myself drawn to an extra-large SUV, something I’d ordinarily not pay any attention to — horrible gas mileage, horrible to park, etc. The salesman hands me the keys for a test drive, but I get only a half-block away from the lot before lengths of rope slide out from under the front seats and tie my hands and feet together. All this time the truck is driving itself, since my hands are being kept off the wheel. Once we enter the highway, I’m blindfolded, so I don’t know where we are when the SUV stops and I’m transferred to another vehicle. (The dealership people are, of course, surprised when an anonymous call comes in telling them where their “stolen” SUV is. All of them, that is, except one…)

The new vehicle takes me to a huge secluded compound way out in the middle of nowhere, where I am well taken care of, with my captors secure in the knowledge that if I try to escape, I might be nabbed for “stealing” that SUV. During my “stay” I’m played with by objects come to life, invisible hands (and other parts), et cetera…


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One Response to Idea: Snatched During a Test Drive

  1. TMZCor says:

    Oh, run with this. I love the suggestion that one person at the dealership “knows” – nice possibilities. Also I never get tired of the looming threat of undeserved consequences if the poor slob manages to escape the “compound”. Sweeeeet !

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