Still working…

I haven’t forgotten about the blog, I’ve just been reading up on WordPress to find out how to use some of the program’s capabilities to do “automagically” what I’ve been doing by hand. Like the stories that were broken up into pages — those were previously separate files on my old Blogger blog, where there was no option for paging except to do it yourself. Now I’m finding out about WP’s “nextpage” tag that takes care of everything, once you do a bit of tinkering under the hood. So far I’ve added “nextpage” to Do Not Fondle the Merchandise, Plane Crash, and Floating Wig. Tomorrow I get to Watergun, An Ordinary Bus Ride, and Full Service. Somewhere down the line I’ll play around with it to make it a little “prettier” but for now the default will do.

Then comes getting rid of the hardcoded menu pages, which involves using categories and tags correctly — imagine that! :) — and maybe creating separate template files for Categories and for Tags to create new menus

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