Why All This Invisibility and Fembot Stuff?

You’re probably wondering what would inspire something like site full of stories about invisible women, of all things. It’s actually quite simple. As it happens, when I was twelve years old, my best friend (who happened to be a girl) went south and stayed for the whole summer. I wasn’t sure how I’d make it through the whole summer. I used my imagination and pretended that she was still around, only invisible.

Later, when I watched invisibility movies like The Invisible Man (1933), or even cartoons like the classic The Cat Who Hated People (he somehow gets himself launched to the moon to get away from people, only to be chased and attached by a steady procession of clothing, tools, and accessories, with not one person in sight), it made an impression on me that was never undone.

When I finally went online in 1998, I immediately began looking for invisibility stories and websites. I found that if you wanted magic and stuff like that, there was plenty. I wasn’t interested in that kind of invisibility, so I looked and looked and finally I came across Dennard Summers’ Femmes Invisible site. (Don’t be surprised if the link stops working; Dennard died suddenly in 2005.)

Dennard’s site, though, is made up primarily of stills from his The House of Yes TVshow. They were interesting, but they weren’t “fleshed out.” That is, they didn’t look like the invisible women I had in my mind. That, of course, was because they were video captures. I was looking for photographs, and it was beginning to look like I was going to have to make a site myself. So I did. This is the latest version of it, after stops at GeoCities, Delphi/DelphiForums, Bravenet, Blogspot, and WordPress.com…

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