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Marla is a semi-retired secret agent who has befriended — some might say “adopted” — the narrator. But Marla’s not like most other people. Marla is invisible and, when she wants to be, intangible. But Marla’s NOT a ghost…

Flashfic: Marla at home

As I entered the house, a bottle of beer came floating my way. “Hi, honey,” said Marla’s disembodied voice in greeting, as unseen lips pecked me on the cheek. “Hi, hon,” I answered, grabbing the open beer bottle from midair … Continue reading

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Snippet: Fembot Walk

EDIT: only slightly changed from the original post One day at work, my phone rang. My job is mostly dealing with paperwork, so the phone doesn’t ring very often, and it’s almost always either a personal call or a wrong … Continue reading

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