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Witness Protection Program

These are story ideas, of course, not suggestions for revamping the real thing… 1 – This one involves a woman who’s dating a businessman who has been “encouraged” to launder money for the mob. After an argument with his contact, … Continue reading

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Jenny and the Bots

An old story, that I decided not to update completely… “What do you mean, it can’t be fixed?” I looked sadly at the blackened computer case, then back at Dixon. “The circuits can’t be repaired,” I said, “they have to … Continue reading

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Brain Chip

Mike Forrester is an industrial spy. At some point his employers had a chip implanted in his brain that gives him the ability to create and maneuver “force fields,” which among other things means he can move things with his … Continue reading

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Some story ideas from various Yahoo groups

The Glove Box: Engineering student builds basically useless contraption called a “glove box.” A booth, something like an old-fashioned telephone booth, with walls of latex sheeting with electical wires running through the walls. An AI unit powering the box can … Continue reading

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